EOS Trademark usage and Implementer Quality Guidelines

  1. 1. Trademarks. EOS Worldwide, LLC (“EOSWW”) has rights in many trademarks (“Trademarks”), which are shown on the trademarks page of our branding microsite (branding.eosworldwide.com) (“Branding Microsite”). Each of the Trademarks has a specific meaning within EOS, as described in Base Camp and summarized in part on the Branding Microsite.
  2. 2. Types of Implementers. There are two main types of “Implementers” who facilitate learning about EOS: “Self-Implementers” and “EOS Implementers.”
    1. a. Self-Implementers. Self-Implementers are individuals who want to facilitate the implementation of EOS within an organization that they own or are an employee of (collectively “Employer”). Self-Implementers cannot train others in EOS outside of their Employer, cannot call themselves “EOS Implementers,” and cannot suggest that they have any endorsement or affiliation with EOS. Although Self-Implementers can discuss the Trademarks when teaching EOS to their Employer, Self-Implementers do not receive a license from EOS to use the Trademarks in commerce.
    2. b. EOS Implementers. EOS Implementers are individuals who are hired by and teach EOS externally, to clients outside of their Employer for a fee. External Implementers may refer to themselves as “EOS Implementers,” and receive a limited license to the Trademarks (“Limited License”) as described in the Base Camp Membership Agreement. The Limited License is subject to the limitations below, on the Branding Microsite, and in the Base Camp Membership Agreement. EOS Implementers may not refer to themselves as “Professional EOS Implementers” or “Certified EOS Implementers” unless they meet the criteria for one of those designations and have the written approval from EOS.
  3. 3. Maintaining Your Limited License. To obtain and maintain your Limited License, you agree that:
    1. a. you will maintain an active Base Camp subscription;
    2. b. you will comply with all of the terms of the Base Camp Membership Agreement and the Branding Microsite;
    3. c. you will obtain a good working knowledge of the principles of EOS, and you will faithfully teach EOS as it is described in Base Camp;
    4. d. if you use any of the Trademarks, you will use them as they are used in Base Camp and as summarized on the Branding Microsite, and you will use not alter, misuse, modify, or redefine any of the Trademarks;
    5. e. you will conduct yourself in a professional and competent manner so as to preserve the goodwill associated with the Trademarks, and you will avoid doing anything that would damage or depreciate such goodwill, such as using the Trademarks in connection with any unlawful activity;
    6. f. you will not contest, or aid, or abet others in contesting, the validity of the Trademarks; and
    7. g. you will cooperate with us in taking such actions as are reasonably necessary or desirable to ensure quality compliance, as may be reasonably specified by EOSWW from time to time, such as, but not limited to:
      1. i. providing copies of advertising and promotional materials, such as websites and other signage or uses of the Trademarks for review by EOSWW in a timely manner upon request by Us; and
      2. ii. successfully completing quizzes or other testing demonstrating your knowledge of EOS®.