EOS Base Camp Account

EOS Base Camp Subscription Status

If you are currently logged in, your subscription is on hold for a failed payment attempted via the default credit card on your account. This often happens due to the card on file having passed its expiration date, issuing of a new card by your credit card company, or other credit card account related issues.

Once your account becomes active again all navigation, course progress and content will be restored.


Account Guide

  • To update your payment information or change your account, click on “Update Credit Card or Cancel your Membership”
  • To save your info, click on “Save & Continue”, this will save your information and take you to the next tab
  • To view your past membership payments, click on the “Payments” tab
  • To view your product order history, visit the EOS Store, EU Store or AU Store
  • To add your assistant or an additional contact for your account, click on “Assistant”
  • To sign out of Base Camp, click on “Sign Out”